Cervical Cancer


Dr. Belanger has a three-step approach when working with a person with cervical cancer.

Step one: He frequently orders a test that determines what drugs and natural medicines are best at inducing cell death of the cervical cancer cells found in a person’s blood. He works with a lab called RGCC in Greece. This lab isolates circulating cervical cancer cells from the bloodstream and tests over fifty natural substances and over fifty drugs to determine which have the greatest ability to induce cancer cell death. This test, for example, will tell you which platinum-based chemotherapy is most active. Dr. Belanger will use this information to construct a plan which will include recommending the best drug regimen on the RGCC test and adding nutritional supplements which may improve the ability of cisplatin, for example, to induce cervical cancer cell death while reducing the drugs toxicity on healthy cells. In addition, he will use the RGCC test to select two or three nutritional supplements which came up the highest at inducing cervical cancer cell death.

Step two: He orders over five panels at a variety of labs to assess imbalances in the patient’s immune system. In order for cancer to grow and create symptoms and/or appear on a scan, it needs to escape a person’s immune system. Dr. Belanger does extensive tests to determine how and why the cervical cancer cells were not destroyed by a patient’s immune system and he uses this information to select nutritional supplements that correct these imbalances. To determine if these imbalances have been eliminated, he retests the abnormal immune labs to make sure they have been restored to normal. This helps him determine that the patient’s immune cells are now capable of destroying bladder cancer cells in the future.

Step three: Dr. Belanger orders a third panel of lab tests from over three separate laboratories to determine what is stimulating the growth and potential spread of the cervical cancer. In order for a tumor to grow beyond a few millimeters it needs an adequate blood supply to provide it with a constant supply of nutrients and oxygen. There are numerous blood vessel stimulators that are commonly produced by cervical cancer cells that can be detected in the blood such as IGF-1 and MMP-9. Dr. Belanger measures over ten of these growth factors and prepares a customized blend of nutritional supplements to decrease their levels. After about one month, he remeasures any growth factor that was elevated to help ensure that the cancer is being “starved” and not able to build anymore new blood vessels.


"When I received the diagnosis of cervical cancer, 25 days of radiation treatment and some chemo was the treatment, I knew I had to find a different way. Dr. Belanger had my blood tested and it did show some strong immune imbalances. I started on his protocol of many supplements and re-doings of the blood tests. Things started to improve right away. I had another cat scan 6 months into the program. All lymph nodes were now normal.
I have been on the program for 4 years. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the numbers of supplements or the cost of them I just remember my choices and feel deeply grateful to have found Dr. Belanger so that I have been treating the immune system problem rather than attacking cancer. And dealing with other problems as a bonus. I am continuously impressed with the depth of his knowledge and understanding how to treat the complexities." AB