Naturopathic Medicine Specialists for cancer and other chronic diseases.

Lexington Natural Health Center is a complementary medicine clinic that treats people with dietary therapies and herbal and nutritional medicines. We specialize in oncology, women’s health conditions and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Our goals are to help our patients achieve better health by supplying their bodies with restorative nutrients and herbs that support their own healing systems. Every person who comes to the Lexington Natural Health Center is treated as an individual.

The treatment plans which are constructed by our licensed naturopathic doctors, Dr. James Belanger and Dr. Karen Braga are based on the latest scientific studies and are tailored specifically to the patient with the help of laboratory testing. We take pride in treating our patients as one of our family. Over the last 22 years we have successfully helped thousands of people with a variety of cancers and health problems including those unresolved by conventional medicine. Give us a call so we can help you get on a better path to achieving your health goals.