At the Lexington Natural Health Center we help people sail through menopause as smoothly as possible by using herbal medicines and dietary counseling as well as addressing sleep issues. As an aide towards treatment, we may do some hormone testing. We also thoroughly screen and treat any risk factors which increase after menopause such as osteoporosis, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Menopause Patient Testimonials

I met with Dr Braga because if a referral from one of my relatives.  Her own story was amazing.  After over 15 years of being on medicine (birth control pills) for cystic ovaries, she is now medicine free.  Before then, if she stopped it for short times (pregnancies) , she had terrible episodes.  One rupture so severe she was hospitalized for days.  She even needed transfusions because she had lost so much blood. Hearing that, I gave them a try. My problem was peri menopause symptoms that were crippling.  Noon felt like 3am, and it felt dangerous to drive to pick up my young children (2and 3 yrs old). I had every kind of irregular cycle you can name, was anemic, exhausted, and couldn't make complete sentences at times.   I was a mess!  I had to Withdraw from all commitments ( volunteer jobs), just trying to get through each day.  My dr's only offer was low dose birth control medication.  So I met with Dr Braga first to see what she would suggest.  Within a couple of months, I had leveled off (from my 'wild ride' as I call it).  I could function again!  My cycles were intermittent, but not difficult.   All symptoms went away!!She also treated me for Chronic Veinous Insufficiency - very painful legs (not varicose veins). This practice is a lifesaver!! - LS

"I first met Dr. Braga at a natural food store where she was speaking about menopausal symptoms.  I was impressed and decided to make an appointment with her.  She recommended several supplements which I began taking.  Within 6 weeks there was a noticeable reduction of symptoms.   Over a period of years I've been able to slowly decrease the amount of these supplements and find, at this point, that I'm virtually symptom free.  Thank you Dr. Braga for making this phase of my life so much more comfortable! "   A.S.

"Now in my 40s, I started thinking about menopause. After reading a book on natural hormone replacement (vs. chemical), I sought out a naturopathic doctor. My yoga instructor referred me to the Lexington Natural Health Center. After a full consultation, we realized I truly was in perimenopause. I now have my symptoms under control. Dr. Braga also suggested other supplements for some digestion and leg cramp symptoms I was having, and those are also under control. I highly recommend the Lexington Natural Health Center and naturopathic medicine."
- CJ

"I decided to visit Dr. Braga to discuss nutrition, lifestyle and vitamin supplements.  It was great to have Dr. Braga confirm the things that I was doing right and to help me out with a couple of things that needed improvement.  As an older mom, a business woman, and a part-time yoga teacher, it was important for me to keep my energy level high.  Dr. Braga suggested some excellent supplements including a concentrated fish oil which has improved my skin as well as my joint flexibility.  Dr. Braga was very cordial and gave me plenty of time to talk about my concerns.  I have also referred other family members to Dr. Braga and they are equally pleased.  It gives me comfort to know she is there for us."           L.S. North Andover , MA

"After months of suffering with Menopause and everything else associated with it, I met with Dr. Braga where we discussed my symptoms and with the assistance of lab test, supplements and her knowledge I am now leading a healthier and functioning life.
Thank you Dr. Braga!"
DP, Westford