Patient Testimonials

"I came to Dr Braga after almost 20 years on the pill for irregular cycles and severe ovary pain due to cysts.  My gyn had told me that was my only choice. I had become a little more health conscious of late and wanted to try to stop the pill as I was also getting older.  Dr Braga helped me with some dietary changes, added some supplements to my daily routine and also had me try the herb yarrow.  Well, it has been almost 3 years off the pill.  My cycle is completely regular (I hadn't had a regular cycle since I was 16 (I am now 41)), and my ovary pain is virtually gone.  Every once in a while I feel a slight twinge but no pain.  I am a healthier woman thanks to Dr Braga.  I still see Dr Braga occasionally as different things come up, and she is always helpful.  I would highly recommend Dr Braga, she helped change my life."   Janet S. Topsfield, MA

"I was having extremely irregular, painful, and heavy menses.  I went to my gynecologist and via pelvic ultrasound I was diagnosed with three ovarian cysts.  These cysts were the cause of my trouble.  He offered me medication to comepletely put me into memopause at 40, or if symptoms worsened he offered a hysterectomy! That same week I say Dr. Karen Braga, and after a full medical history, she changed my diet, and prescibed two (2) herbs.  Thirty days later with a follow up ultrasound my cysts were completely  on a gone, and my periods began to be regular, mild and predictable, and four years later still are. Thank you Dr. Braga." Patient, Johanna Cassidy RN.