Ovarian Cancer

Natural Medicines for Ovarian Cancer



"After receiving my Ovarian Cancer diagnosis is 2008, I called Dr. Belanger to make an appointment, after he was recommended by a top cancer specialist researching the best complementary modalities. He said that Dr. Belanger was one of the smartest and most impressive doctors in this field. From the beginning, Dr. Belanger has worked closely with my oncologist and I to rebuild and strengthen my immune system so I can recover quickly from my multiple surgeries, receive chemo without debilitating side effects...and ultimately rebuild my body's natural ability to heal itself. He has been with me every step of the way on this journey and I feel really lucky to have him on my team.
The support staff at Lexington Natural Health is wonderful and Dr. Belanger is an outstanding doctor and a kind human being who really cares for his patients."
-Ranee F., Wenham, MA