Natural Medicines for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma



"My name is Leila & have been a patient of Dr. B's since October 2013, right after I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Some people in the cancer community might think I was fortunate as this type of cancer has a high cure rate.....however my prior experience with it was watching my brother get it at the age of 29 with a wife & 2 little girls, fight for his life for 5 years then die from it at 34. He was a big, fit guy who's first diagnosis was better than mine (his tumor much smaller) but no one really knew how to help him really beat this disease. When I finally got my diagnosis, my naturopath told me that he really didn't know much about cancer but he knew another doctor who did. He literally said, "I'm smart but this guy is ALOT smarter... and younger too." 🙂 By the end of the week, I had an appointment with Dr. Belanger.... and was extremely grateful. We almost kicked that 10cm tumor to the curb after only 2 months of treatment but I lost faith, got tired, sick and was suffering from numerous different side effects from the chemo. Instead of feeling encouraged by my first nearly clear scan, I felt I made it mad. Interestingly enough, that is what my radiation doctor said a few months back, "that I had made it mad" causing it to come back. My next PET showed just that... it was coming back. I felt like I was living a horror movie. Til Dr. B facilitated the Greece test for me. We found a chemo regimen that was 82% effective in all 4 drugs of the combination. I went into that treatment with a very faithful attitude and had my first clear scan right after that treatment was over. I have had 2 more clear scans since and hope to have a 3rd tomorrow. I also had more chemo (an ASCT to be exact) and then radiation as per my oncologists' and Dr. B's advice, which I finished in November. These days I am following Dr. B's anti cancer diet to the very best of my ability along with my supplement regimen. CANCER IS CONQUERABLE BECAUSE GOD IS BIGGER and I thank Him for Dr. B!!!!"


"If I had relied on traditional western medicine, I wouldn't be writing this. I was diagnosed with cancer three and a half years ago, had surgery and chemo, but still have several cancerous lymph nodes. Then I heard about Dr. Belanger from my therapist, and started taking his recommended supplements. My CT scans are better now than they were during chemo, and certainly with none of the awful side effects! " - PM


"Dr. Belanger has played an integral part in my husband's health care! He's wonderful! Because of him, we were referred to the best oncologist in the world! And, due to the coordination of care between them, my husband is doing great! Dr. Belanger is a genious when it comes to his treatment plan and coordination of care with our oncologist, and as our oncologist stated: "stick with him, he knows his stuff." If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you must seek Dr. Belanger's advice...God bless him.
Thank you Dr. Belanger! Hugs! " Deb & Randy Fuller, Medfield, MA