All Natural Gainer Chocolate 3.3 lb


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Serving Size: 2 Scoop Servings Per Container: 18 Amount Per Serving Calories 360 Calories from Fat 60 Sugars 6 g Total Fat 7 g Saturated Fat 2 g Trans Fat 0 g Cholesterol 65 mg Sodium 150 mg Potassium 240 mg Total Carbohydrates 49 g Dietary Fiber 5 g Sugars 6 g Protein 25 g Omega-3 Blend 32 mg (Algae Source of DHA & EPA) (Algae Source of DHA & EPA) (Algae Source of DHA & EPA) Typical Amino Acid Profile Per 84g – 2 Scoop Alanine 1180 mg Arginine 590 mg Aspartic Acid 2810 mg Cysteine 320 mg Glutamic Acid 4410 mg Glycine 590 mg Histidine 370 mg Isoleucine 1630 mg Leucine 2400 mg Lysine 2270 mg Methionine 490 mg Phenylalanine 780 mg Proline 1570 mg Serine 1340 mg Threonine 1530 mg Tryptophan 560 mg Tyrosine 650 mg Valine 1530 mg Other Ingredients: Natural Protein Optimizer [Ultra-filtered, Low Temperature Processed Whey Protein Concentrate (milk), Instantized Calcium Caseinate (milk), Crossflow Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolate (milk), Micellar Casein (milk), Soy Lecithin, Digest-All AP (a vegan enzyme blend), Maltodextrin, Opti-Fat [sunflower oil, soy lecithin, medium chain triglycerides, omega-3 oil (from algae), Conjugated Linoleic Acid], Fructose, VitaFiber (Isomalto-oligosaccharide), Natural Vanilla Flavors, TreLEAFia (Stevia Leaf Extract, Trehalose, and Monk Fruit Extract), Salt, Milk

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