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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat multiple sclerosis.
MS usually responds very well to naturopathic medicine. We often recommend a diet low in saturated fat and prescribe nutritional supplements to rebalance the immune system and to repair the myelin sheath. Many patients no longer have any more MS attacks and some have even regained some muscle function.

Patient Testimonial

"I came to Lexington Natural Health Center close to 2 years ago, having been diagnosed with MS. I was feeling very fatigued along with sore muscles and optic neuritis. With direction from Dr. James Belanger I changed my diet and started a regiment of vitamins. I'm happy to say my fatigue and sore muscles have improved dramatically and my optic neuritis has not progressed any further. I'm also happy to say I am not on any medications. Thanks to Lexington Natural Health Center." Joanne T., age 46 Greetings,

I am so happy to be a patient of Dr. Belanger. Of course, I want to feel good and be free of disease - and he’s helping me do just that! Before I had even walked in his door, I had been diagnosed with MS, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis. I know his regimen has helped me immensely. Medical tests of these maladies now show improvements. I’m feeling better. I’m sure that all the advice that the Doctor has given me is a key factor. You can’t beat that. I also like it that Dr. Belanger has kids. I feel that he is a good husband and parent. And he is wise too. He really cares about others. How wonderful! …Dr. Belanger is very accommodating and talks openly and calmly to us both. Peace to you all, I wish you well.
Glenda Medeiros

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