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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat IBS.
In IBS, the intestines are irritable i.e they tend to contract and relax in a more irregular fashion.  This causes constipation, diarrhea or a combination of the two.  Certain foods, stress and an imbalance in intestinal balance could be the cause of this irritability.

Patient Testimonials

After years of undergoing tests for gastrointestinal distress/digestive tract disorders and thousands of dollars in medical expenses, which resulted in a traditional medicine finding of -"You'll have to live with it.", I sought out the help of  Dr. Belanger.  At last I had found someone who truly listened and understood the nature of my health issues.  After ordering a simple test (which traditional medical doctors had refused to order) Dr. Belanger had my diagnosis and treatment plan ready in no time at all.  Soon after following his instructions, I began to feel better.  As a Pro Downhill Mountain Bike competitor his treatment plan not only saved my race season but my entire sense of well-being.  I can't thank him enough! " K. Eagan Lowell , MA .  

"After a few months of chronic stomach pain (tender to the touch), my wife convinced me to try Dr. Belanger. My boys had already been to see Dr. Braga, with amazing results: ongoing stomach aches vanished simply because she’d listened and suggested a few minor dietary changes.  My stomach and lower abdomen had been tender and painful off and on for a few years – every four months or so, I’d be laid out for a week. My family was being stressed, I was looking at it as a fact of life, but not one I was happy about. My wife suggested that I just go and talk to Dr. Belanger, simply to talk through it. In the hour I was there, Dr. Belanger made some very small and simple suggestions. In implementing these (dietary, exercise and lifestyle stresses), my life has been changed dramatically. The day after visiting, I felt the pain easing. The diet regimen has proven very successful (and flavorful, in a very limited range!). The stretches and exercises have become something we can do as a family, and which has given us a point of stability. The stresses have dropped, and the quality of life has magnified. Thanks to Dr. Belanger, I can now be at the bottom of the family ‘Pig Piles’ - without being in pain. Regards, and warmest thanks!" Tobias R. Parent, Kids Time To Go, (508) 248-1850,

My experience with Dr. Belanger is unforgettable. About 2 years ago, I was very ill ans was hospitalized for serious stomach problems. The doctors never really diagnosed my problem and I continued having severe symptoms such as weight loss, diarrhea, skin rashes, shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes, hair loss and severe stomach pain.
Dr. Belanger really did heal me. Within 6 weeks of following his strict vegan/macrobiotic diet along with different supplements I had gained weight back, felt healthy again and was ready to perform again since I am a singer/songwriter living now in N.Y.C. I do believe if patients closely follow his prescriptions they should be able to get rid of anything." Neysa M. New York, NY

My wife had been a patient of Dr. Belanger's in the past, so when I came to have digestive problems she referred me to him. Upon one visit, Dr. Belanger quickly diagnosed my problem, put me on a strict diet with supplements, and within a few days my digestive system returned to normal. The supplements I will need are easily obtainable from LNHC. Thank you very much, Dr. Belanger ES

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