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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat Hyperthyroidism /
Grave's Disease. Recent research shows that a fiber derived from root of a plant and a Korean herbal formula can be a useful alternative to thyroid surgery, radioactive iodine and drug therapy in people with Graves' disease.

Patient Testimonial

"It was discovered during a routine physical exam by my MD that I had a problem with my thyroid. I had developed a Goiter.  I was perscribed Synthroid and took it for several years.  During that time my hair got thin, I became very hyper, and I started having trouble maintaining my weight.  My MD didn't seem to be concerned about these outcomes.  Aside from the obvious outcomes, whenerver I came in for a check up, the MD always looked down at his records when he spoke to me... with pen in hand and ready to write a perscription.  I wondered, if we were to meet on the street, would he recognize me? I finally decided to search for an alternative way to manage my condition.  I found a brochure about Dr. Belanger and Naturopathic medicine.  I called and made an appointment.  Dr. Belanger explained to me my condition and his course of treatment. I liked his manner and his genuine concern.  This treatment has been a gradual process.  My outcomes are much better than before without side effects. I have since moved out west, but have continued with the recommended natural medicine, and still consult with Dr. Belanger, who is only a phone call away."                
Marilyn C., age: 59, Shelton , WA

"I was guided to Dr. Belanger through a friend who was helped through his cancer radiation treatments, and came through with flying colors with Dr. Belanger's treatment program. My own personal experience was very positive, as he was able through blood work and food sensitivities testing to help me with my thyroid problems. I found him to be not only knowledgeable but also compassionate in his assessing my long standing problem with my endocrine system. I highly recommend him for and complementary treating with allopathic or holistic healing."
Sincerely, Calie Candia

I first met Dr. Braga after having a baby, when she was able to help me
overcome fatigue and post-partum depression with natural therapies and diet
changes. In a matter of weeks I started feeling better. After moving to New Jersey
months later, I began dealing with sympoms of subclinical hyperthyroidism, thyroid
nodules, and ovarian cysts. I contacted Dr. Belanger, who agreed to work with me
long-distance through phone consultations, which was fabulous, because there are no N.D.s in my area. He helped to diagnose that food sensitivities were triggering my thyroid issues, and I was able to avoid these foods while adding others that balanced my hormones. Along with this approach and some of his herbal therapies, I have now become nodule-, cyst-, and symptom free. I'm so healthy that I am currently carrying another successful pregnancy!
When no M.D. would take my symptoms seriously or treat me because my lab values were not "clinical", Dr. Belanger recognized my suffering, and with his expertise and guidance, I was able to feel like myself and became a healthy and fun mom again to my toddler! Should I experience any issues after this pregancy, I will gladly be contacting this wonderful team yet again! Thanks to Dr. Braga and Dr. Belanger for all of their hard work and caring, and most of all, for their willingness to listen and "think outside the box". Kelly Barrett, Sewell, NJ

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