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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat Hepatitis C.
Over many years we have found a combination of both herbal and nutritional medicines which can significantly lower the viral load and normalize liver enzymes in people with hepatitis C. Patients do very well with this protocol i.e. repeat liver biopsies remain stable and patients experience no side effects.

Patient Testimonial

Finding out how serious my Hep C was, I was so thankful to be referred to Dr. Belanger. After being thoroughly informed about the liver disease, proper diet and supplements, we have improved my health beyond my belief. My liver enzymes are consistently normal and my viral load has dramatically decreased without any adverse side effects. Also, my osteoporosis and risk of breast cancer health issues have decreased greatly, again with proper diet and supplements. What actually meant the most to me was Dr. Belangers accessability and compassion. Dr. Belanger is always there to listen.I know my life is healthier and happier because of natural medicine and Dr. Belanger! " BP, 58, Maynard, MA

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