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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat heart disease.
Heart failure is caused from a weakening in the heart muscle.  We use herbal medicines and nutrients to strengthen the heart muscle allowing it to pump more efficiently.  This approach is very effective at reducing symptoms and lessening the severity of the heart failure.

Patient Testimonial

"After open-heart surgery in 2000, I was left with congestive heart failure, and an irregular heart beat. Doctors wanted me to take drugs for these problems for the rest of my life with scary side effects. I went to see Dr. Belanger at the Lexington Natural Health Center. With his naturopathic approach, I no longer have congestive heart failure, nor do I have an irregular heartbeat and no drug side effects! At 74 years young, people can’t believe my energy. Dr, Belanger, THANK YOU."
Anne D. N. Reading, MA

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