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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat headaches.

Patient Testimonial

"For nearly a year, I have occasionally had my face and hands turn red and become hot to the touch. I came to Lexington Natural and was told to stop the NEXIUM and given an elimination diet of fruits, vegetables, turkey, chicken and fish only for two weeks. I maintained this diet and added one food at a time to determine the cause of any food allergies. I found that the red face/hot hands symptoms completely disappeared except for coffee, decaf and even tea. When I have strong coffee, the symptoms all return including hoarseness, pain in the temples, neck and upper shoulder area which sometimes lasts for a day or two. I also still avoid orange juice (and all citrus) as well as tomatoes, which I ate every day regularly before the dies. I also confirmed a lactose intolerance that I knew that I had. I always drank Lactaid milk and only ate small yogurt portions but found those even small amounts of feta causes headaches. Most importantly, I have learned a technique of being on the lookout and aware of food allergies!"

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