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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat ear infections.
Chronic ear infections are often caused by underlying food allergies. The allergy causes blockage of the tubes draining the middle ear (Eustachian tubes) allowing for mucus to collect. This creates a hospital environment for bacteria. Killing the bacteria with antibiotics helps, but doesn't get to the underlying cause i.e mucus collection and allergies. We order blood tests and use elimination diets to determine the foods that are causing the problem and put patients on nutritional supplements to reduce allergies.

Patient Testimonial

"My daughter was around 1 yr old when we saw Dr. Braga because of her terrible ear infections  - she had 11 in one winter!  Knowing that antibiotics were not the solution, I sought out help at the Lexington Natural Health Center . Dr. Braga was wonderful!  So warm, caring and very supportive.  She never made me feel like I was was "less than" because she's the doctor.  We tried various remedies that she prescribed, as well as totally taking my daughter off of milk.  It worked!!!  Since then, she has had 1 ear infection - treated homeopathically and with chiropractic. My daughter also had sleep issues that Dr. Braga addressed and her herbal remedy worked like a charm!  I am very grateful to Dr. Braga and her staff.  Natural medicine works!!!"  MC

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