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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes happens when one becomes resistance to the insulin that his/her body makes. As a result, the bodies natural insulin is not enough to keep blood sugar readings normal. We use natural supplements and dietary changes and well as exercise programs to break this resistance and achieve normal blood glucose readings.

Patient Testimonial

"I am a 79 year old woman with type 2 diabetes which was diagnosed 7/91. I was put on Metformin and then insulin injections from 7/98-11/00 (over 40 units/day). In November of 2000, I experienced a sudden, unexplained 10 lb. weight gain, high blood pressure and weakness that led me to seek alternative solutions. Despite being under the care of M.D.’s and a top diabetes facility, I was desperate, exhausted and discouraged and so I began treatment with Dr. Belanger. As time passed, I found Dr. Belanger amazingly dedicated and knowledgable. My overall improvement was phenomenal. Now 3 years after the start of my treatment I have great energy and enjoyment of life. My blood pressure readings are excellent, my weight is normal and my diabetes is mangaged by nutritional supplements and 5 Metformin daily. I no longer need insulin. As a passionate food lover, perhaps my greatest joy is that my inablity to enjoy almost NO FOODS three years ago has been replaced my my abilty now to eat almost anything I wish." -HS

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