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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat cataracts.
Cataracts are caused by oxidative damage to the lens of the eye. Because the lens cannot repair itself, this damage builds up over the years and eventually interferes with vision. If caught early, antioxidant supplementation can prevent further deterioration of the lens. In addition, there is also a clinically proven eyedrop which may remove existing damage to help reverse early cataracts.

Patient Testimonial

A few years ago, during a routine eye examination for a drivers license renewal, I was info rmed that I had cataracts.  Alarmed and perplexed (why I asked), I went immediately to our local center for info rmation about complementary and alternative medicine. In short order, I found Dr. James Belanger , a naturopathic physician, who gave me a complete nutritional program which included a range of high level anti-oxidants and a change in lifestyle and diet. Armed with the catchy battle cry, “Eat your Greens”, I followed his advice and within the year, the cataracts had completely disappeared. I firmly believe that the natural approach to treating disease is, whenever possible, the best one. Thank you, Dr. Belanger."
Claire Waud, Cambridge , MA

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