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I was diagnosed with Smoldering Multiple Myeloma about four and a half years ago. The specialists at Dana Farber told me I could expect to remain in stable health for 6-24 months, and they indicated that there was no treatment at this stage of the disease that would change the ultimate outcome. After doing a great deal of reading, I came to the conclusion that we can create an environment within us that is hostile to cancer. I enlisted Dr Belanger's help in this effort and have followed his recommendations on diet and supplements. Over the past four years there has been zero progression in the disease. In my most recent checkup at Dana Farber, my condition was described as "exceptionally stable" and I was encouraged to continue with the holistic approach to staying healthy
." HS

"When I received the diagnosis of cervical cancer, 25 days of radiation treatment and some chemo was the treatment, I knew I had to find a different way. Dr. Belanger had my blood tested and it did show some strong immune imbalances. I started on his protocol of many supplements and re-doings of the blood tests. Things started to improve right away. I had another cat scan 6 months into the program. All lymph nodes were now normal.
I have been on the program for 4 years. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the numbers of supplements or the cost of them I just remember my choices and feel deeply grateful to have found Dr. Belanger so that I have been treating the immune system problem rather than attacking cancer. And dealing with other problems as a bonus. I am continuously impressed with the depth of his knowledge and understanding how to treat the complexities
." AB


"In 2011 I was diagnosed with secondary angiosarcoma, a very rare, aggressive, fast-moving cancer. That was my second cancer diagnosis in a ten year span, so I was frantically worried. My oncologists recommended mastectomy and chemo, but could give me no statistics because my cancer was so rare. I did have the surgery and the chemo, and somewhere in there I heard about Dr. Belanger at Lexington Natural Health. I thank God every day for him! Not only did he help me through the chemo with very few side effects, the blood work he has done with me and the supplements I have taken because of the blood work results has literally changed my immune system around. It's been 3 years and my blood work is normal now and I feel great and look forward to many." AB

"After receiving my Ovarian Cancer diagnosis is 2008, I called Dr. Berlanger to make an appointment, after he was recommended by a top cance
r specialist researching the best complementary modalities. He said that Dr. Berlanger was one of the smartest and most impressive doctors in this field. From the beginning, Dr. Berlanger has worked closely with my oncologist and I to rebuild and strengthen my immune system so I can recover quickly from my multiple surgeries, receive chemo without debilitating side effects...and ultimately rebuild my body's natural ability to heal itself. He has been with me every step of the way on this journey and I feel really lucky to have him on my team.
The support staff at Lexington Natural Health is wonderful and Dr. Berlanger is an outstanding doctor and a kind human being who really cares for his patients."
-Ranee F., Wenham, MA

"When I was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer, I felt overwhelmed at the thought of undergoing traditional treatment without additional care. Dr. Belanger was recommended to me by a friend, and from the first visit with him I knew I was going to be able to rely on his steady, wise, informed support through the process of treatment. The detailed blood tests, the variety of supplements, and the dietary advice that I received over the course of my treatment gave me a sense of control over my health and made the whole treatment experience much less less terrifying as well as much less unpleasant. I plan to keep Dr. Belanger as my doctor for as long as possible. I highly recommend him to anyone who is faced with a cancer diagnosis or is hoping to live a healthy life!" LF


"My name is Leila & have been a patient of Dr. B's since October 2013, right after I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Some people in the cancer community might think I was fortunate as this type of cancer has a high cure rate.....however my prior experience with it was watching my brother get it at the age of 29 with a wife & 2 little girls, fight for his life for 5 years then die from it at 34. He was a big, fit guy who's first diagnosis was better than mine (his tumor much smaller) but no one really knew how to help him really beat this disease. When I finally got my diagnosis, my naturopath told me that he really didn't know much about cancer but he knew another doctor who did. He literally said, "I'm smart but this guy is ALOT smarter... and younger too." :-) By the end of the week, I had an appointment with Dr. Belanger.... and was extremely grateful. We almost kicked that 10cm tumor to the curb after only 2 months of treatment but I lost faith, got tired, sick and was suffering from numerous different side effects from the chemo. Instead of feeling encouraged by my first nearly clear scan, I felt I made it mad. Interestingly enough, that is what my radiation doctor said a few months back, "that I had made it mad" causing it to come back. My next PET showed just that... it was coming back. I felt like I was living a horror movie. Til Dr. B facilitated the Greece test for me. We found a chemo regimen that was 82% effective in all 4 drugs of the combination. I went into that treatment with a very faithful attitude and had my first clear scan right after that treatment was over. I have had 2 more clear scans since and hope to have a 3rd tomorrow. I also had more chemo (an ASCT to be exact) and then radiation as per my oncologists' and Dr. B's advice, which I finished in November. These days I am following Dr. B's anti cancer diet to the very best of my ability along with my supplement regimen. CANCER IS CONQUERABLE BECAUSE GOD IS BIGGER and I thank Him for Dr. B!!!!"


"I am convinced that Dr. Belanger saved my life.  I was diagnosed with invasive bladder cancer in January 2006 at age 52.  Despite three surgeries, the cancer spread aggressively to my pelvis and abdomen.  The prognosis was grim.  The only conventional treatment was chemotherapy, and the odds weren't good (25-33% chance that the drugs would help at all, including just stopping or slowing the spread of cancer temporarily.)  Fortunately I found out about Dr. Belanger.  He prescribed supplements to enhance the effectiveness of the chemo, as well as to fight the cancer on their own.  He also put me on a cancer-fighting and cancer-starving diet.
    After 9 weeks of chemo, the results were "spectacular," to quote my oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.  CT and bone scans showed no more visible cancer anywhere.  My oncology team was also amazed at how well I tolerated the chemo (which was important so I could consistently receive the full dose) and how quickly my energy returned after the treatment.
    I was (and am) very impressed with Dr. Belanger throughout the entire process.   His approach is strictly science-based, using the latest studies on supplements in cancer treatment.  He was scrupulously careful about not prescribing any supplement not proven to NOT interfere with the specific chemo drugs I received.  (It's vital to have an expert help you to avoid taking the wrong supplements at the wrong time as well as to take the right supplements when they can help.) He was also very knowledgeable about all the conventional treatments my oncologist was giving me, and very articulate in explaining the cancer process and how supplements could help. 
    Now, because my cancer is the kind that can often return anytime (it is most likely still present at microscopic levels), I continue to follow a regimen of supplements and diet prescribed by Dr. Belanger to keep it in remission by controlling blood factors that might encourage tumor growth.  So far, every three months my scans have continued to show no visible signs of cancer.  Plus I feel just great.  Although my oncologists can do nothing more on the conventional side to help me, except for hope, Dr. Belanger is confident that he can keep me living a long time.  So am I.  If you or a loved one have cancer, I urge you to add Dr. Belanger to your team."
Bob Morrison, 53, Arlington.

Five years ago I was diagnosed with breast and liver cancer, stage 4! Needless to say I was terrified and thought I was going to die in 3 to 6 months! At this time my daughter put me in contact (via the telephone) with Dr, James Belanger at the Lexington Natural Health Center. Dr. Belanger introduced me to naturopathic medicine which I had never of. I thought I was going to die anyway so I might as well give this naturopathic medicine a try. Yes, it really did work I’m still alive and a cancer survivor for 5 years!!! Thank you Dr. Belanger!!"
Dolores L, 72, Kissimmiee, FL

Several years ago I was diagnosed with an "incurable" form of cancer.  After considerable research, and discussions with many cancer oriented health professionals, (mainstream and otherwise), it was obvious nobody had a clear cut idea how to proceed, until I was referred to Dr. Belanger.  He was familiar with a much broader range of options and treatments than anyone else I had consulted.  We have worked together for more than a year and a half on an ever evolving regimen that has boosted my immune system and kept my overall health very stable.  More importantly, he has been very generous with his time, and given me a sense of being personally focused on my situation to a far greater degree than I have experienced with anyone else."   H.W.

"I began seeing Dr. Belanger in the fall of 2003, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was referred to him by my local naturopath, who knew about Dr. Belanger’s work with cancer patients. Since then I have been on a regimen of naturopathic medicines that not only help strengthen my immune system, which has been compromised due to the various chemo and radiation therapies I’ve received, but that also help my body fight the cancer itself. I believe that these naturopathic supplements have played a big role in allowing me to feel and look as well as I do now. In addition, it has been a huge help to me to discuss what I’m going through with Dr. Belanger. He explains things so clearly, often pointing out aspects that my oncologist does not address, and I always feel better after talking with him. I truly feel that the research he is doing and the kind of care he gives are vital to the development of cancer treatment today and will help bring about a shift in the way conventional medicine looks at the cure and prevention of this disease." LS, age 48

"Upon learning I had squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil, I immediately contacted Dr. Belanger. He was honest in telling me that his services would not replace conventional treatment. Rather, his plan of natural supplements would increase the effects of radiation and chemotherapy and improve my immune system to not only better tolerate these treatments, but also help avoid the recurrence of cancer. My regular doctors were amazed at how well I handled the treatment and I credit the naturopathic regiment. Whatever illness or ailment one may have, it simply makes sense to provide our bodies with the natural tools to heal." – KC

"I was referred to Dr. Belanger because of recurrent prostate cancer. Having already undergone surgery and radiation treatment prior to the recurrence of the cancer, my treatment options were limited. Dr. Belanger explained value of diet and natural supplements to “starve” the cancer of the necessary growth factors. I have strictly followed both the diet and supplement program for the last 18 months and my PSA has declined to half of its level when I first started the program. Thanks! It works!"
- GC”

"My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Medulloblastoma, in June 2006. He was 8 years old at the time. We consulted with Dr. Belanger toward the end of treatment. We follow Dr. Belanger’s strategies and have been very pleased with continued clear MRIs and are now over three years out from diagnosis. My son’s outcome in terms of side effects has been excellent also. He continues to do well in school and athletics. We especially like Dr. B’s strategy of monitoring the effectiveness of supplements with periodic blood tests. His long-term effects Doctor says “Keep doing what you are doing.”

"If I had relied on traditional western medicine, I wouldn't be writing this. I was diagnosed with cancer three and a half years ago, had surgery and chemo, but still have several cancerous lymph nodes. Then I heard about Dr. Belanger from my therapist, and started taking his recommended supplements. My CT scans are better now than they were during chemo, and certainly with none of the awful side effects! " - PM

"My son Sam, age 9, has neuroblastoma and Dr. Belanger has been an integral member of Sam's team for almost 3 years. I find that he has an encyclopedic knowledge of cancer, is driven by data and not by whim and only recommends supplements if data suggests that it is likely to be beneficial, and is always willing to learn and adjust his course. Most importantly, I feel that he always puts Sam's best-interests as his top priority. I would highly recommend Dr. Belanger to anyone looking to beat cancer."
Sincerely, Neil Hutchison
San Diego, CA

“Three years after the surgical removal of a cancerous prostate with a Gleason score of 8, my PSA was doubling every 8 months or so, indicating that cancer cells remained somewhere in my body. I understood tha prostate cancer is said to be slow-growing, but even so, the possibility of metastasis and a life shortened by this disease was disheartening and sapped my spirit. “The radiation and hormone therapy treatments recommended by conventional oncologists dismayed me. Their debilitating side effects threatened to sentence me to spend whatever life remained to me treating one symptom after another, perched on a conveyor belt gurney like an unclaimed suitcase on a revolving airport luggage carousel. The fact
that conventional oncologists, despite scientifically-valid statistical studies of thousands of men, could not predict the course of the disease in one particular person – me – was frustrating. What’s more, even the best, most recent studies showed that there was no difference in outcomes between men who opted for all the conventional treatments or
none of them at all. It presented a stark, existential dilemma with no clear choice and, in fact, no clear reason to make any choice at all. Adopting a “watchful waiting” approach, I tried to free my mind of negative thoughts and let go of attachments to specific outcomes. “But I still wanted to do something, so I followed through on a reference given me several years before for a naturopath whose office was more than 100 miles from home. That’s how I was led to Dr. Belanger. Six months later, following his diet recommendations and treatment plan of supplements, my PSA has dropped 40%, I’ve shed 15 pounds I didn’t really need, and my energy level and outlook on life are as good as they’ve ever been, if not better. My wife and I have appreciated Dr. Belanger’s ability to explain complex biological functions and processes in terms we can understand, so we have a better sense of how the supplements are boosting my immune system and interrupting the cancer’s ability to grow and sustain itself. Periodic
blood tests give all of us a reading on these changes. Being able to hold consultations by phone has bridged the miles. “When I first learned about the diet and number of pills I would need to take every day, I didn’t think I could do it. The diet asked me to ‘give up’ some of my favorite foods. Having to take so many pills at certain time intervals throughout the day threatened to take over my life. Two thoughts helped me over the threshold: (1) Following a healthier diet and building up my immune system was a lot more appealing than bombarding my body with poisons, and (2) I would not try to do it all at once, but would make small, incremental changes and see how it went. “This experience also has demonstrated to me how we, as patients, are invited to play a different role in naturopathic medicine than we are in
conventional medicine as it is most widely practiced today. Although it’s an overgeneralization to put it this way, conventional medicine encourages us to be passive consumers, while naturopathic medicine encourages and empowers us to be active partners in the process. And why shouldn’t it be that way? After all, whose life is it?”-R., aged 62

"I was diagnosed with prostate cancer stage II in Feb. '09 and I am 71 years old. I had two brothers who had the same condition when they were both age 74. They had their prostate removed and both are doing very well at age 88 and 89 now. My immediate decision was to have my prostate removed as well.
However, I decided to study information on the internet about my condition and learned that a prostatectomy was not my only option. There was radiation, radiation seed implants and other medical approaches including chemotherapy which none of which I was impressed with proceeding with. I was introduced to another naturopath doctor who used the hit or miss approach by prescribing supplements and herbs for my condition. I was not happy with that approach.
When I finally came in contact with Dr. Belanger, he used, what I called a scientific approach. He took a blood test to determine the condition of my immune system and the strength of the cancer cells whereby he prescribed specific herbs and dosages for my personal requirements. My PSA level was at 4.1 when I first saw him and within 6 weeks it went down to 1.6 and then the next month it went down to 1.1 which is amazing. My medical urologist was amazed at the results and all he could say was, "It looks like you're doing very well. Keep it up". What does that mean? They had no answers to solve my problem except conventional medicine which causes side effects and damage to my healthy cells.
I am fully convinced that this is the way to go for ALL health challenges and I plan to continue to do so. I have referred several people to visit Dr. Belanger for their health concerns."
RPG, Brentwood, N.H.

"Dr. Belanger was recommended to me by my local Naturopath who felt that Dr. Belanger could best treat my life-threatening lung cancer that had metastasized to my brain. I met with him right away, and trusted him immediately. Using his complementary treatment and upon taking regular blood tests to monitor my progress, I was able to undergo traditional therapies without any (i.e., none) of the typical reactions one might experience from chemotherapy and radiation, such as nausea and lack of energy. Over the three years that I have been treated by Dr. Belanger, I have eliminated the earlier lesions that threatened my life, and have remained stable and consistently able to resume my normal activities." Terry Moultonboro, NH

"After having surgery in March 2007 to remove a mass which was outside my uterus, I was diagnosed with uterine sarcoma Stage 4. I was referred to an oncologist who explained to me that this was a rare cancer that had not responded to any treatment. He did not give me much hope and told me to go home and put my affairs in order.
In July of 2007, my chiropractor gave me information to contact Dr. James Belanger at Lexington Natural Health Center. I met with Dr. Belanger and he explained to me in much more detail how the cancer works and that even though there might not be a cure, there were ways to control it. With his positive thinking, he gave me new hope.
With his instructions, I have changed my eating patterns and taken supplements regularly. The bloodwork that he sends me for tells far more about what is going on in my body than many routine tests that the oncologist sends you for.
It is now two years later. I feel well and healthier than ever before. I have found Dr. Belanger to be very knowledgeable and has answered any questions that I have. The cancer is not gone, but with his help, we have waged a battle to control it and so far we are winning."
Sherry Fiske

"Dr. Belanger has been the single most important doctor I have utilized that has prevented me from a reoccurrence of breast cancer. I was well on my way to a 3rd reoccurrence when I discovered him. I was told by my oncologist that if my cancer reoccurred outside of breast tissue thy considered it incurable. Considering I had no breast tissue left after a double mastectomy, I knew I had to be very proactive. Yet my oncologist had nothing much to offer me but to sit and watch my tumor markers go up and up. Dr. Belanger has skillfully treated me after monitoring specific markers, in my blood. Dr. Belanger has a brilliant capacity to know which supplements and what dosage can knock these markers down. Now instead of taking toxic drugs with debilitating side effects, I take supplements which enhance my overall health and quality of life, while killing cancer cells at the same time. Dr. Belanger has also helped me discover the root cause of my painful arthritis. I consider Dr. Belanger to be an absolutely brillian practitioner and feel blessed to be able to work with him."- Jill Martin

"As a person diagnosed with Breast Cancer several years ago, Dr Belanger played an instrumental role in my treatment and healing. He is incredibly knowledgeable about conventional and natural approaches to treatment. I needed a healing journey that included some aspects of traditional medicine, like surgery, and I also wanted to improve my overall health and wellness through a more wholistic plan. He did a terrific job of laying out science based alternative options (tests, diet, supplements). In addition to seeking other opinions and taking other healing steps, I followed his recommendations and the combined result is that I am in great health today. Since that time, I have encouraged numerous people to meet with him. I know they will benefit greatly." - NM Mansfield, MA

"Dr. Belanger has played an integral part in my husband's health care! He's wonderful! Because of him, we were referred to the best oncologist in the world! And, due to the coordination of care between them, my husband is doing great! Dr. Belanger is a genious when it comes to his treatment plan and coordination of care with our oncologist, and as our oncologist stated: "stick with him, he knows his stuff." If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you must seek Dr. Belanger's advice...God bless him.
Thank you Dr. Belanger! Hugs! " Deb & Randy Fuller, Medfield, MA

"I had prostate cancer surgery on January 18, 2006. I had left kidney cancer surgery on March 20, 2006. My PSA did not go down to zero after my prostate cancer surgery. It slowly went up steadily until, in May of 2008, the doctors decided that I should undergo seven weeks of radiation treatment for this growing cancer. Radiation treatment of five days a week for seven weeks left me exhausted. My PSA did not go down after the radiation treatment. It stayed the same, and then started climbing again. The doctors at Dan Farber hospital explained to me that if the cancer doubled (PSA number doubled) in a year and a half, I would be a candidate for a clinical trial. Mine doubled in five months after radiation. They had a few options for me when my PSA numbers got a little bit higher; chemo, hormones, or the new drug used in the clinical trial. All of these choices ruin your overall health. I wanted to do something, to be pro-active, before my PSA went up enough that I would have to take one of these. My adult daughter had been going to a Naturopathic doctor in Boston for asthma. This doctor recommended Dr. Belanger for me. She explained to my daughter that he had good success with prostate cancer patients. I was very skeptical. At the same time my wife was extremely ill with a brain tumor. She had the surgery, chemotherapy twice, and radiation treatment. She is in bad shape. I am the main caregiver for her, her main support. I didn’t have time to be sick from a severe treatment from traditional medicine. I went to Dr. Belanger and he recommended an assortment of supplements with the understanding that I would go for an extensive blood test to check my levels of all these variables. I liked the idea that he wasn’t just guessing at the supplementation but would determine what I needed from a real test. I left his office that day with a box of pills, a check list for a blood test, and a whole bunch of doubt. I didn’t know if I was being scammed, but I decided to give it a shot. At this time I just happened to have an appointment with one of the nutritionalists at Dana Farber hospital. I brought my list of supplements and asked her if any of these pills could hurt me. She recognized most of the supplements and looked up the ones she wasn’t familiar with on their special hospital intranet. She whole heartily agreed with the course of supplementation that Dr. Belanger recommended for me. I was thrilled that a nutritionalist from a major hospital would not only agree with but actually encourage me to continue with this plan. If Dr. Belanger’s plan for me was just some crazy scam I could still always go back to Dana Farber for one of their treatments. Well, it worked. My PSA number that was rising steadily went down. My cholesterol went down, my blood pressure is better, my pulse went down, and my weight went down (25 lbs.). I am extremely pleased. I recommend Dr. Belanger to everyone. I never really knew that there was such a healthy alternative to traditional medicine. I am much healthier overall and my PSA number went down. I 100% recommend Dr. Belanger." -
John A. Gatti

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