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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat Crohn's disease.
Crohn’s disease is an inflammation in the intestines which can cause pain, diarrhea and bleeding. We have found that it can be dramatically helped with dietary changes, probiotics and anti-inflammatory herbs. In Crohn’s disease, the immune system attacks the lining of the intestines and causes damage. Some evidence suggests that certain foods and imbalances in the intestinal bacteria trigger the immune system. After these foods are removed and the bacteria is replaced, Crohn’s disease can go into remission. Anti-inflammatory herbs such as aloe can speed up the healing. Current conventional treatments such as steroids, 6MP and Remicade suppress the immune system which may have adverse effects long term

Patient Testimonial

My son, then age 21, came to you five years ago with complications caused by Crohn’s disease at which time you helped him with his symptoms through the use of proper diet, supplements and herbs.  These made a huge difference in his well-being and he continues in very good health today through traditional and non-traditional methods despite his disease. I would encourage everyone to explore natural therapies in helping to deal with chronic diseases such as this one."

Respectfully,                                                                       James P. Gauron

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