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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat chronic infections.
To treat patients who suffer with frequent infections, we often test their immune system with a blood test. Based on this test we provide the patient with nutritional supplements to help repair any imbalances in their immune system and retest to make sure the supplements are helping. We also look at the diet closely, too much sugar and not enough colored fruits and veggies, for example, may impair one's immune system. Stress in also another important factor. Stress can cause excessive releases of an immune suppressive hormone called cortisol. Testing cortisol levels in the saliva can help determine imbalances and give us information and which nutritional supplements one needs to rebalance their cortisol.

Patient Testimonial

"I came to the Lexington Natural Health Center with a golf ball sized abscess, and a severely weakened immune system. In less than two weeks, my cough, fever and night sweats were gone. In less than one month my abscess was completely gone. As a result of the treatment I received at the Lexington Natural Health Center, I was able to avoid surgery." Geoffrey S. NH

"Coming to Lexington Natural Health Center for me was almost by accident. My Mom at the time had pancreatic cancer and was taking supplements to help her feel better. I attended one of her appointments and that is where things began to change for me.
For many years I just simply would not feel well for no reason, at least in my mind. Dr. Belanger said right away that it is probably related to some of the food I was eating.
Well, on my 1st appointment, blood was drawn and sent to Immuno Labs in Florida. Bottom line: I had food sensitivities. Things needed to change!
When I changed my diet, I instantly felt better. Dr. Belanger also recommended an Adrenal Supplement and vitamins which I still take today. As long as I stay "on course", I feel pretty good most of the time. Dr. Belanger recommended to try to reintroduce some foods slowly as time goes on. I have done that, sometimes with mixed results. But, I know what I can do and what I can't. Being in control is so important!
NO medical doctor ever came close to correctly diagnosing my problem! I tell people all of the time that THIS is another Healthcare solution that is not even mentioned in all of the debate these days! Why, because it bites into the "Big Business" aspect of Healthcare.
I have been to my family practitioner only 3 times in the past 2 years! 2 of them were for my routine physical and 1 was for an infected cut. I used to visit my doctor AT LEAST once every 4 - 6 weeks, usually resulting in a prescription for an antibiotic! Hopefully, those days are long gone.
My daughter and son were also able to benefit by taking supplements and diet changes. My wife did not have any issues but has followed along in what we are doing and as a result has more energy and has lost some weight.
There is definitely something to Natural Medicine! This should covered by insurance or at least partly. Doctor's need to be able to be licensed in Massachusetts. This IS part of the Healthcare solution!"

Sincerely, Dave Schartner, Lancaster, MA

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