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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat chronic fatigue.
Before you diagnose yourself with chronic fatigue, it is best to see your primary care doctor for a general physical exam and blood workup. Chronic fatigue can be a symptom of many conditions including anemia, autoimmune diseases, thyroid imbalances, infections, cancer, etc. If your chronic fatigue is associated with sore throats, swollen glands, low grade fevers, muscle and joint aches and all of your general blood tests are normal, you may have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS). CFIDS is thought to be caused by a long term imbalance in the immune system. As a result of the immune system imbalance, viruses which you were exposed to as a kid, come “out of hiding” and start producing symptoms. To successfully treat CFIDS, the immune system must be repaired. A blood test called the comprehensive immune evaluation panel II can evaluate the state of your immune system. It measures the levels of all of your immune cells including the T, B and natural killer cells and also tests their activity. This test is useful in selecting the proper immune modulating herbs and nutrients. After repairing the immune system and working on diet, digestion, toxicities and hormonal imbalances, long standing CFIDS can resolve.

Patient Testimonials

"I was recommended to Dr. Braga through a family friend who happens to be a medical doctor. I had been experiencing extreme fatigue symptoms; I was not able to go out at night and I was falling asleep at 8:30 p.m. I diagnosed myself with candida on the internet. Dr. Braga was the only doctor I went to who knew what candida was, and how to handle it. She immediately put me on a vitamin and mineral regimen. Within two days, my fatigue symptoms had nearly vanished. Dr. Braga constantly kept in contact with me to make sure that I was doing well. Thanks to Dr. Braga, I have my life back."
Jaime M., Age 17 Andover Massachusetts

For each of 35 years, from the end of December until well into May, I had found myself suffering with colds, vaguely defined lingering viruses, and quick fatigue. Regular MD’s whom I consulted were unable to help me. Occasionally they would prescribe a drug or tell me just to eat “normally” and enjoy life. They seemed to treat my vague symptoms as nothing really important but taking up their time. To me, my winter and early spring discomfort was debilitating. I felt foolish with such complaints and spent years self-treating with various supplements gleaned from alternative health books and newsletters. Although that helped a bit, I was never sure of dosages, and I still never felt well during those months. Dr. Belanger took the time to listen to me seriously. He approached the problem as a whole body dis-ease, not just a drippy nose or other single symptom. He recommended various blood and other tests, and from the results began to explain what was happening in my whole body. He could tell me not only what foods and supplements would work best, but he knew the dosages. I found that I could take him any questions from my reading, and he could tell me immediately his thinking about those, as well as quote or quickly show me the supportive research results. He had answers right in his head – not for the newest pharmaceuticals, but for ways to nourish my body to bring my cells back to healthy levels. He knew which kind of supplements are synthetic and which are from natural sources, and which companies he recommends over others. On top of it all, he carries supplements in his office, or he knows how to order them for me, at the same prices I pay in stores or by ordering through catalogs or internet. This past year I have felt far better than I have for 35 years.

I was sooo very tired continuously. I used every excuse as to why I was always tired. I went to speak with Dr Belanger & his advice as to what supplements to take made me feel like brand new within one week. I was sooo happy to feel so energitic. Now I am back to working out & feeling great.
Thank you sooo much, Dr Belanger.
KK, Cambridge, MA

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