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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat cholesterol elevation.
A high level of cholesterol in the blood is caused not only by a high fat diet, but also a diet high in processed carbohydrates. Here at the Lexington Natural Health Center, we have seen patients lower extremely high cholesterol levels with mostly dietary changes and a few nutritional supplements even if their condition was genetic. Medications can help, but they may also cause liver damage, muscle damage and deplete your body of an extremely important nutrient called coenzyme Q10.

Patient Testimonials

"In December 1998 I came to the Lexington Natural Health Center as my cholesterol was 407. My primary care physician wanted me to take prescription drugs which I declined. After only 3 months on 3 nutritional supplements and a change in diet my cholesterol was 178. Now 5 years later I take only one nutritional supplement and my cholesterol on June 2003 was 148. I feel great and am able to work 2 full days a week.”
Eleanor 76, Groton MA

I consulted with Dr. Belanger after my primary care physician recommended that I go on medication to lower my cholesterol. After following Dr. Belanger's dietary and supplement recommendations for three months my cholesterol numbers dropped to within the normal range. He also gave me invaluable advice about other medical issues that I have struggled with. Not only does he have a broad knowledge of health problems, he also finds whatever research articles may be helpful."    BD

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