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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat allergies.
Allergies can be expressed in many different ways such as sneezing, itchy eyes, asthma or eczema. Environmental allergens such as dust mites, cat dander, etc. may be the culprit, but in our experience, we have found that people can tolerate much higher doses of these environmental allergens if they avoid certain foods and use various homeopathic medicines. We often run a comprehensive blood test to isolate food sensitivities.

Patient Testimonials

"I originally came to Lexington Natural Health Center in (1999) with extreme allergies. I was educated on what was causing my allergies. Because of the homeopathic remedies and information about what foods and situations to avoid that I was given by Dr. Belanger, my allergies are now nearly non-existent."
W.G., Nashua, NH

"For years traditional medicine was unable to diagnose and treat my constant fatigue and multiple allergies and sensitivities. When I came to Dr. Belanger I was living a restrictive and cautious lifestyle: no travel, no eating out, low activity. Dr. Belanger identified and treated the source of my problem, and now I lead a much more normal and active life." L.I.

I have been a patient of Dr. Braga's for 3 years.  She has helped me with a cough that has bothered me from October - January for years.  It's a nagging dry cough with a tickle.  She put together a remedy that stopped the coughing within a few days.  What a relief! My 15 year old daughter just recently became a patient of Dr. Braga for the same type of cough and Dr. Braga made her a remedy as well and the coughing also stopped within a few days.  Dr. Braga was also very helpful in talking to my daughter about what foods would be good for her to eat while she is running during her track seasons.  Thank you."  LF 

For nearly a year, I have occasionally had my face and hands turn red and become hot to the touch. I came to Lexington Natural and was told to stop the NEXIUM and given an elimination diet of fruits, vegetables, turkey, chicken and fish only for two weeks. I maintained this diet and added one food at a time to determine the cause of any food allergies. I found that the red face/hot hands symptoms completely disappeared except for coffee, decaf and even tea. When I have strong coffee, the symptoms all return including hoarseness, pain in the temples, neck and upper shoulder area which sometimes lasts for a day or two. I also still avoid orange juice (and all citrus) as well as tomatoes, which I ate every day regularly before the dies. I also confirmed a lactose intolerance that I knew that I had. I always drank Lactaid milk and only ate small yogurt portions but found those even small amounts of feta causes headaches. Most importantly, I have learned a technique of being on the lookout and aware of food allergies!

"I just wanted to thank you for treating my daughter so safely and successfully! Her seborrhea was very bad. She was losing her hair and her environmental allergies were escalating. After only about two months, she began to clear up and now her hair has grown back thinker and healthier than ever before. She is tolerating pollens and animal dander better now, and seems to throw off colds. We're very grateful, and have recommended friends to contact you." Sincerely, Amy Fessler

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