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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat acid reflux.
Heartburn is caused by acid refluxing upwards from the stomach into the esophagus. In most cases it is not caused from having too much acid in the stomach. In normal situations, a gate called the LES closes to prevent the acid from refluxing upwards. In people with heartburn, however, the LES may stay open or relax more easily. Causes of this are multifactorial, but are mostly due to poor eating habits, poor digestion and stress. Antacids pills such as prilosec, prevacid, etc. can help, but do not address the underlying causes. Over time, these medications may interfere with your ability to digest proteins and to remove vitamins and minerals from your food. At the Lexington Natural Health Center, we teach our patients about good eating habits to prevent heartburn and we do not suppress stomach acid, but rather use herbs to coat the esophagus and relieve any irritation.

Patient Testimonials

"I was on Prilosec/Prevacid daily for 3 years to treat severe heartburn and had to deal with the side effects such as low mineral absorption, constipation, gas etc. I was told by many doctors I consulted that this was the right treatment and I should continue indefinitely on these medications. A year after I saw Dr. Braga I was using Prevacid only as needed and another six months later I was completely off these medications. Her advice with life sytle changes, nutrition, vitamins and herbal medications made it possible. Thank you !"
- S, Massachusetts

For the past year I have seen Dr. Belanger with two problems: Acid Reflux and occasional pain in my chest. At first I was sceptical; yet my goal was to stop taking medication prescribed by my Physician. I started to feel positive about preventive medicine (naturopathy) when my stomach discomfort and pain in chest got away  within a week after  my first visit. I was given list of foods and drinks to avoid and list of foods and drinks to consume. Very simple remedy, yet it was very effective. In addition, Dr. Belanger recomended to take liquid fish oil, to eat a much slower pace, and take certain vitamins.  I feel confident that Dr. Belanger's approach improved my quality of life, and is worth paying for."  Jiri Hlava

I was diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus. Even with the Rx prescribed by my gastroenterologist to reverse the damage, I was still having reflux symptoms and pain and I was very concerned that this acidity continue to jeopardize my ability to get better. Dr. Belanger prescribed several supplements to take before and after meals with really eased and eventually stopped the reflux burn. Dr. Belanger's advice plus an RX to reverse the Barrett's showed a significant reduction in symptoms at my last exndoscopy in February 2009. Thank you, Debra S

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