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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat arthritis.
Osteoarthritis is an inflammation in a joint caused by the breakdown of cartilage. Medications like ibuprofen can help the pain, but can also accelerate cartilage breakdown which will require you to need surgery sooner. Cartilage is a complex substance composed of the protein collagen and substances called GAG’s. Successful treatment of osteoarthritis requires a combination of trace minerals, vitamins, hydrolyzed collagen and GAG precursors to build strong cartilage. Rebuilding and repairing the cartilage in the joint relieves the pain and can prevent the need for surgery in the future.

Patient Testimonial

"About 3 years ago, I had pains in the neck and headaches and was told I had arthritus. Dr Belanger put me on a controlled vegetables and fruit diet for three weeks and then had me start eating my normal diet…. By doing this carefully ever since and repeating to make sure, I have found that vinegar, even the smallest amount, and even wine, if I have more than two glasses, is verboten. Tomatoes are off the list too….My mother always told me "you are what you eat, and she was right!" It is as though I cured myself from arthritus or whatever, I have eliminated the problem, thanks to Dr. B"
Jack Herther .

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