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At our center we use complementary and naturopathic medicines to treat acne.
Acne is caused by one or a combination of three factors: hormonal imbalance (including stress hormones), essential fatty acid deficiency and/or a high intake of refined carbohydrates. Although topical agents and antibiotics help, they do not treat the underlying cause of acne which is more than skin deep. Many people relapse after stopping topical agents, accutane and antibiotics. Long lasting results, however, can be achieved after hormones are balanced, refined carbohydrates are reduced and essential fatty acids are given.

Patient Testimonials

I came to Dr. Belanger for help with acne after years of trying creams, antibiotics, Chinese Medicine, etc.  I was extremely frustrated by the up and down results of these treatments.  After meeting with Dr. Belanger and following his advice, I'm happy to say that my skin is 100% better, and I think I'm a lot healthier in general.  Dr. Belanger is extremely knowledgeable and very accessible, always answering my questions promptly.  I'll definitely be consulting him for any other medical conditions that might arise in the future."     

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